Super fast development Highly customizable

  • Automatic menu generation.
  • Automatic CRUD generation.
  • Multiple actions on db records.
  • Big variety of filters for your lists.
  • Various view widgets: lists, master-detail, list of thumbnails etc
  • Select2, Datepicker, DateTimePicker
  • Google charts with automatic group by or direct values and filters.

Ready to go Security Fully granular

  • Automatic permissions lookup, based on exposed methods.
  • Inserts on the Database all the detailed permissions possible on your application.
  • Public (no authentication needed) and Private permissions.
  • Role based permissions.
  • Authentication support for OpenID, Database and LDAP.
  • Support for self user registration.

Form Generation With full control

  • Automatic, Add, Edit and Show from Database Models.
  • Labels and descriptions for each field.
  • Automatic base validators from model's definition.
  • Custom validators, extra fields, custom filters for related dropdown lists.
  • Image and File support for upload and database field association
  • Field sets for Form's (Django style).

Multi Language Support and more

  • Framework translations and your app translations merge.
  • Bootstrap.
  • Font Awesome Icons.
  • Select2, Date Picker.